Gel Kit deal is still on, I have one free R&A nutrition book for free.

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I have one brand new copy of the Arcadia Guide to Reptile and Amphibian Nutrition, ad in the comment to vendor with your order over $100, that you want the book. I only have one, first come first serve. If your worried this is a come-on then say Book/GelKit and you still get a bonus to your order. You still get the 12% discount for breaking the $100 mark. The GelKit offer is still good.

Please look at my last post here for the details on the GelKit offer.

Here is more about the book

FYI, when you checkout on the webpage you have to click that you understand my shipping policy. I give myself 10 business day to fulfill the order (14 calendar days, holiday may bump that up a day or two). Then there is actual transit time. All orders are suggested to be delivered by the USPS?UPS with 2 to 5 days. I insure all orders. You will get a notice to the email on your PayPal account or the used 'checkout' email account that the shipping has been bought. That's the post purchase notice. That's the whole notice. There are no other notices.

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