Great Large Closed Chamber in Upstate NY

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Mar 6, 2016
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I specifically say Upstate NY because this is a large enclosure and would require a small trailer to move.

This is a large closed chamber I made a number of for my colony of Bowsprits. They work great. I am consolidating things into a room and I no longer need this enclosure .

It is 8' long, 4' deep and the enclosure is 3' tall. That sits on top of the rolling frame you see in the pictures. overall , the entire assembly is 8' long, 4' deep and 6' high.

Inside it has all of the electrical components, heating and lighting needed.

Lighting - 2 Agrobrite fixtures are mounted inside. Each holds 4 @ 4' T5 HO tubes.

I also have accommodations for 2 CHE's and 2 Basking lamps depending on how you are using it.

Lighting is on an industrial timer and the heat is controlled with a HerpStat controller.

I designed it to be able to handle about 10" of substrate so smaller species (like bowsprits) can nest in it easily - and do. You can also sink nesting tubs in the floor if you wish. I have done both.

I am asking $750 for it as I have well more than that into it. It must be picked up in the 12033 area code with a small trailer. Shipping this would not be practical.

Let me know if you're interested an d I will email some pictures. for some reason I can see how to upload pictures here.

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