Greeks from kuri river in Georgia : 2 babies for $350 shipped

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Jun 23, 2011
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I got the parents from a buddy
Who bought a lot of tortoises from egytian dan in the 90’s.
He got t.g. Cyrenaica libya , and t.g.buxtoni and many other from him.
These were classified as T graeca nickolskii , they are from kuri river in Georgia near tibilisi just north of Armenia.
These were called T.G. A then changed to t.g.n and now listed as ibera.

The Parents do have a different shape compared to some of my ibera greeks.
Female more wide on top of her shell and more doomed. Male is a little flatter.
One baby is already sold out the 3, so im offering the other 2 for $350 shipped.
Last picture is of the parents.

This is the first year of them producing babies.
These are under 4 inches so are sold for scientific, educational, and exhibition purposes only.
if you have any questions are would like more pictures please contact me at
[email protected]
thanks Aaron daniels

Note: message me for pictures, I could not get them to down load
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