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He pooped 7 times today!

Discussion in 'Tortoise Health' started by that-smellen, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. that-smellen

    that-smellen New Member

    Mar 2, 2018
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    My tortoise did 7 poops in the space of about 45 minutes this morning, we took him out to bathe him and then let him roam around for a bit, while roaming around he did 7 poops.

    The first 2 or 3 were normal, the rest were very soft and he was smearing them around underneath where he was walking had to re-bathe him about 3 times!

    We've only had him for 5 days, he has been going once a day the rest of the time and he eats a lot of greens.

    Is this normal while he probably is readjusting diet/home?
  2. TammyJ

    TammyJ Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2016
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    Change that substrate and make sure you have him on the correct diet!:)
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