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Dec 20, 2016
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Richmond, Virginia
Hi everyone!

I am Bri and my husband Danny and I are life-long tortoise and overall animal lovers. We came into tortoise ownership almost two years ago when a neighbor posted on Facebook that they were moving and could not take their Russian Tortoise with them. We jumped on the opportunity to adopt the little gal and now, nearly two years later, Crush is like my third child. I simply adore her! She is even more amazing that I EVER thought a tortoise can be. I hadn't expected a personality, but BOY does she have one. She even knows her name and will come when called!

Anyway, we want to expand and get more tortoises, now that we have researched and found that Crush is not an anomaly, but that tortoises are really that amazing.

So...thanks for accepting us and Hi!

Tidgy's Dad

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Feb 11, 2015
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Hello, Bri, and a very warm welcome to Tortoise Forum to you, Danny and Crush! :)
Indeed, they are special animals with huge personalities.
Welcome to the tortoise loving community. :tort:

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Jan 23, 2008
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Welcome to the Forum, Bri and Danny.

Here's a bit of friendly advice: Tortoises do not want or need a friend. They get along just fine being an only child. If you want more tortoises for yourself, go for it, but set them up each individually in their own habitat. When the weather warms and you can put the tortoises outside, you can make a very big outdoor habitat for each species and add them all, each species in their own habitat, together. But make your outdoor habitat BIG with many sight barriers, so each tortoise can get away and out of sight of the others. Then watch for fighting. You may still have to separate them, but it usually works out okay in a large outdoor habitat.

Mixing species: