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Sep 18, 2022
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Acton, Ca
It is so nice to see a actual active forum in 2022. I do not use Facebook and a majority of forums have gone there it seems. I am the care taker of two Desert Tortoise's named Tic and Toc. Adopted in I think 2014 as adults. Left two pics are Tic and right two are Toc. In the last two years especially I have been putting a lot of effort into these two's well being after learning I was not doing enough to be better then mediocre. I have read a ton of info on this Forum recently and wanted to join and thank you all for making a enjoyable space on the internet for tortoise owners. I did read the article from Tom about temperate species and Yvonne's advice in many places so thank you two and so many more here as well. I hope to make friends with other tortoise owners here and share info also.


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