Help needed with large enclosure


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Jul 12, 2023
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Hi. I have just built a large enclosure for my Hermanns. He is two. The table is large enough to take him up to adulthood. This is my first winter with him and I need to cover the enclosure to keep heat and humidity in. I have a basking spot and two ceramic bulbs but it won’t be warm enough and my house is not very warm in winter.
What’s the best cover to get? I was thinking of some greenhouse plastic and cutting f holes in it for the lamps. Would this be ok?
Should I get another basking lamp for the other side of the table?
I am really confused with how to do this and I do t want my tort freezing to death in winter.
Please help!!!


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Oct 2, 2022
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West Midlands, England
You can buy pop up greenhouses that will go over the top depending on the size of your table. The lights can be suspended from the top bar of the frame. You might need to suspend the frame if your table is on legs. If you make your own then you'll still need to construct a frame of sorts to suspend the lights from and hold up the cover.