HELP! Sulcuta Tortoise coughing/hacking up saliva

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May 21, 2017
My sulcuta tortoise has been coughing/hacking lately. Just recently, she has been hacking up bubbly saliva. She has already been seen by the vet. However, it isn't respiratory infection since she doesn't have a runny nose or anything, according to her. My tortoise's conditions are appropriate as best as possible, using a thermometer to gauge it. She wasn't able to eat last week but now she is able to. Her poop looks fine. However, this hacking and coughing just won't go away. I'm trying to upload a picture but it won't open. So perhaps whoever can advise, I can send a picture via email.

Thank you in advance I really appreciate it.


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Jan 9, 2010
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Hi. We'll need some more info:

Where are you?
How are you housing this tortoise?
What size tortoise?
What are your four temperatures? Warm side, cool side, basking area and overnight low?
What equipment are you using to maintain those temps?
UV? What kind of bulb?

A few possibilities:
1. Respiratory infection due to cool temps. I read what your vet said, but most vets know less than you about tortoise care.
2. It ate something toxic or irritating.
3. Insect bite or sting, like from a bee or spider that it ate.
4. Over heating.