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Nov 18, 2011
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“You Know You're a Herper* When You Dream in Green: Reptile and amphibian lover”
by Anita Salzberg (Goodreads Author)

I enjoyed this simply for the fun read. I’m also a big fan of Anita’s writing and her husband, Allen’s reptile conservation efforts.
The little blurb regarding this book is as follows:

“A book for everyone who loves reptiles and amphibians, their kids, and their significant others.
You know you're a reptile and amphibian lover (herper) when ... you think it's normal to buy your horned toad a holiday gift ... you send out birth announcements for a turtle hatching ... your goodnight kiss is from a corn snake.
This book is a compendium of what herpers have to say about themselves; and what they have to say is hilarious, touching, occasionally sad, and often, joyful.
Anyone and everyone will enjoy this collection of herper's warm-hearted revelations about their cold-blooded charges!”

Jump on your iPad/Kindle reader and buy it today. I would hope then you’d leave a review here and on the site you got the book.