Hermann´s not eating very much!


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Jan 19, 2019
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Hello guys. Im new in this forum and its my first time to have tortoises. i currently have 3 Redfoot (7 months old) and hermann´s Tortoise (arround 3 years old).

At the moment i have no problem with my 3 Redfoots. They walk around and they eat a lot and they seems they are liking their enclosure.

My main problem is my Hermann´s. It seem like they are not fond of eating. Every time i give them food, they will just ignore it, but after few minutes they will eat few bites only, then they will get back to sleep or walk around or basking. Then after some hours they will take some few bites again. I was thinking probably because its winter? i dont know.

So the question is. Is this normal? does Redfoot eats more/younger than hermann´s? and because they are older?

I need your advice lovely people.

Thank in advance

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