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Oct 13, 2020
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Hi guys. I haven’t posted in Welcome yet.
My turtle journey started in December 2016. I got 3 baby boxies from a breeder I am friends with. Turns out they were a sick batch and all of them died within a couple months. They were super fun when i had them. Because of them, I learned a lot. I took a break from turtles and had fish until 2019. In late 2019, i got my insane eastern box turtle Cruz. He bites, he runs, and he mates (a lot…). Super fun turtle, everyone calls him “puppy” as he truly is unique. Well I lost him 4 months ago (found out he climbed out the fence). I was super devastated and so were friends and family as everyone became attached to him. Well HE came back TODAY! The neighbors found him 5 houses down the block! What a blessing! He’s normal, ate like a pig, still attacks shoes, still goes after his dog toys lol. (Poor guy was neglected until rescued him, so he doesn’t know how to burrow. I still have to help him unlike the others, he doesn’t have common sense compared to the others lol but seems to be very intelligent in other ways). And yes, the eastern and boxies live separate unless mating and have their proper needs, food, enclosures, space, etc. they are being taken care of! Yard/enclosures are now turtle proof, plastic fencing behind fences, higher enclosures, (the yard has several large enclosures). I have 3 three-toed boxies (got the three toed ones a couple months ago from the same breeder from 2016) one named Tammy (age is about 25-30, she just laid eggs in the yard a couple nights ago!), Rusty (the male, about 15-20 y old), and Bertha (large female, about 15-20) all are family. They were all together and they all like each other (except Bertha is anti social LOL). They have all been great pets. Now I have four boxies and they all thrive. Bertha has mated with 2 males and no eggs (it’s been over a year of mating for her). But hoping Tammy’s 2 eggs hatch (she is a tiny three toed). Hoping the other one lays eggs soon! Anywho, just wanted to post about me and my turtle journey. Box turtles mean a lot to me and will always hold a piece of my heart. Image is of my eastern that I have reunited with for a couple of hours! 2C410F5D-D44D-4E59-8DD5-8D0D5CC4B40C.jpeg