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Jun 14, 2016
Hello everyone. I am a new forum member and I hope you can help me make the right decision on a turtle project.
I love reptiles and I have been breeding geckos and ball pythons for the last few years. I love tortoises and I am considering acquiring some maybe for a long term breeding project. The ones I really like are leopards and Indian star tortoises. I live in Houston and have a decent size back yard. But I would prefer small size tortoises that I could keep indoors even when they are adults. What kind of tortoise do you recommend?
Also, how many tortoises should I get. I understand that some species may be a little bit aggressive with each other.
I like the Indian stars because they are so pretty and because they are endangered, some how having a breeding project makes me feel good. However I believe they are more delicate than the leopards and I am concerned about the winter in Houston if it gets too cold outside.

I would really appreciate your advice.




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Sep 6, 2011
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Hello and Welcome. I personally think every tortoise, large or small should have outside time in an appropriate enclosure for the warm times of the year and housed inside only when temps are not so good. Even the smaller Russians need lots of room.
To have a breeding group, you need at least two females to one male. As tortoises do not do good in pairs.
Maybe @Tom can help on area size, he bred leopards and I believe he now has some Stars.

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Sep 16, 2015
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Welcome! I'm from San Antonio and have a Russian and a Hermann I adopted from a Rescue. Separate outdoor enclosures of course:)


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Jan 9, 2010
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Hello and welcome.

I think the leopards would be a bit too large to meet your indoors over winter criterion. However, they could live outside year round with a proper heated night box.

I think the smaller stars would meet your criteria, and they like it hot. Houston has plenty of hot, right? Get captive bred stars if you go this route.

This might offer some useful tips.

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