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Hi there ! I'm a first timer, recently got 2 horsefield tortoises "Roxy" & "Pebbles" !


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Oct 26, 2011
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Hello and welcome

Have you read our guides to keeping Horsfield's?

Beginner Mistakes

Russian Tortoise Care

Are you keeping your two together? You need to know that they're not a social species. They don't need, want or particularly like other tortoises and they fight nasty. You will need to separate them and keep them separately

See this

Lyn W

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Jul 22, 2014
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Hi and welcome.
You have found the best place for up to date information from very experienced keepers worldwide who thankfully share their experiences and knowledge with us to help us keep our torts happy and healthy and stop us making mistakes.
If you post pics of your enclosure or enclosures if you 2 then members here can help you make any changes if necessary that will greatly benefit your tort and also help you save money on unsafe equipment that pet shops sell (such as steep sided water dishes and coiled bulbs).


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Jun 2, 2016
Can we see pictures of Roxy and Pebbles???
And yes, if you keep the two together, they will most likely attack each other. (Sometimes they even bite off each other's tails.) :eek:
I would love to see your torts!


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Sep 30, 2016
Thnx for all your replies I'm definitely still in the learning process so I really appreciate any comments & help from u all. Yep I found out the hard way that they just do not mix full stop ! I also keep 2 musk turtles (different requirements of course) but said to have a similar temprament. Started off with one but ended up getting a second & they get on like a house on fire thankfully so stupidly I thought the tortoises would be the same as they are both v young females (18 mts & 1 yr) NOOO !! When I introduced Pebbles the younger of the 2 Roxy went straight over & clamped onto Pebbles wee leg & wouldn't let go. Horrifying to see & V frightening for wee Pebbles. So my clever hub who is V good with his hands built me a tortoise table with a separate upper level for Pebbles. I know they will soon need more room as they grow but I do let them takeep turns on the bigger bottom level. I will send a pic of them & their new tortoise table. Thnx guys X