High School Reunion?

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Dec 2, 2009
Concept: Post what you've done since graduating high school or college. Also, this is a good place to talk about your experiences seeing people from high school or college after graduation.

I've recently for some reason been fascinated with the thought of what my former classmates are up to, and since I don't do facebook it's a little difficult for me to actually satisfy my curiosity. Anyone else ever think about what your high school classmates or college classmates have accomplished since graduation?

I have basically lived the past few years with the idea in my head that as humans we only keep those in our lives that we really want in our lives, so I am not surprised that I don't keep in touch with many (really any) of my former classmates from high school, and only a few from college. Still, I feel as though I have accomplished so much in the five years since graduating high school (and six months since graduating college) that I have to wonder what every one else is up to.

Anyway, here are my accomplishments:
Got a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.
Work for a corporation that I may some day run.
Developed strategies for breeding Russian Tortoises indoors in northern regions.
Got a house
Got married
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