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How long does a young sulcata need higher humidity?


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Mar 22, 2019
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South Carolina
Dozer is 7 months old and is 13 ounces. I haven't measured her. I keep her inside in an enclosure that she's quickly outgrowing. I am currently working on getting her into a larger enclosure on my covered porch (no direct sunlight) (I have a small house so there's not any room for a larger enclosure) and have everything worked out as far as maintaining heat levels, uv light and critter protection. My concern at the moment, is humidity. But before I go all out on trying to maintain higher humidity I want to know if I even need to worry about it anymore. Thanks in advance!


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Nov 13, 2017
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Cincinnati, OH
Mine is approaching 2 years old and I still maintain high humidity. I used to do 80-85% until it reached about 1 year. I kept it that high for that long only because I rescued it and wasn't certain if the former owner kept it in an ideal environment. I've been slowly decreasing it and I now maintain it at about 65-70%.

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