Humidifier for baby sulcata


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Jul 8, 2017
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Hello, and welcome to the forum!

If you have your baby set up correctly in a closed chamber, you should not need a humidifier at all.

I'm going to link a bunch of threads, and our care sheet for sulcatas. Please read all of it, and then come back with questions and concerns. We're happy to explain why we recommend what we do. There is a huge amount of info circulating on the internet, in pet shops, some breeders, and even some vets that is old and outdated. Some of what you may be told is downright dangerous for your baby. We have members on TFO that have done extensive experimenting and have come up with the best way to raise tort babies. This care sheet was written by one of these members.

In the meantime, post some pictures of your enclosure, lights, and sully baby and we'll start to help you get set up properly.

4 elements of heating: By Tom
There are four elements to heating and lighting:

Basking bulb. I use 65 watt floods from the hardware store. I run them on a timer and adjust the height to get the correct basking temp under them. I also like to use a flat rock of some sort directly under the bulb.

Ambient heat maintenance. I use ceramic heating elements or radiant heat panels set on thermostats to maintain ambient above 80 degrees day and night for tropical species. You'd only need day heat for a temperate species like Testudo or DT.

Light. I use LEDs for this purpose. Something in the 5000-6500K color range will look the best. Most bulbs at the store are in the 2500K range and they look yellowish.

UV. If you can get your tortoise outside for an hour 2 or 3 times a week, you won't need indoor UV. If you want it anyway, get one of the newer HO type fluorescent tubes. Which type will depend on mounting height. 5.0 bulbs make almost no UV. You need a meter to check this:

For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata: