Humidifier that easily adapts for pets


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As you may know, I do not advocate using humidifiers for our tortoises.
That's because creating a closed chamber enclosure eliminates the need and simplifies things.
In this case, I'm using several of these to provide the near 100% humidity that my Chameleons require at night. While still living in screen cages.
The VICKS "No filter, cool mist" humidifier.
These are low priced. Silent. Easy to fill and have an adjustable output. Another good part is that it does not have a timer feature so it lends itself capable of being controlled by a remote timer.
The BEST part is that if you remove the vent where the mist comes out.(very easy to remove) the hole that remains is exactly 2" ID. Meaning a 2" OD pvc fitting fits it like a wine cork!
I've used a 2" OD X 1" ID reducer. Then used all 1" pvc pipe and elbows to flow into my cages.
Because it's low pressure, you don't need cement. And assembly without cement means that the pipes remain adjustable and removable to clean!
The photos are different configurations with different sized pipes. I've since swapped out to


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