Humidity and Temperature for sleeping

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Dec 11, 2011
I started a thread a few days ago, but I needed some additional answers, so I'm hoping this will get re-boosted.

Anyways, I've maintained good temperature and humidity for my new Russian tortoise. HOWEVER, underneath the log of where he sleeps, the temperature is around 75 but the humidity is jacked up all the way up to 85%!!!!!! It seems way to high. I understand that it's probably not too healthly. I get that. But what I need to know is HOW DO I GET THE HUMIDITY DOWN? The only way I've seen the humidity go down is if I have heat directly on his little log, and I don't have it set up to keep it that way. Plus, at night if the temp drops and the humidity stays high, I know that's no good.

So I'm asking that someone please tell me how to lower the humidity under his log, around his bed where he sleeps. He likes it but, I don't feel it's healthy... maybe I'm wrong? Idk. I just need to know HOW.

Thanks!!! :tort::tort::tort::tort:


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