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May 25, 2013
I am confused about humidity in my baby cherryhead's enclosure. I am finding different info each time I look or speak to someone. I know you guys have great information. Does the enclosure need a constant humidity of 80% or just as long as it is at that sometimes during the day? Or is it as long as she has access to that humidity during the day in her humid hide? When I mist her enclosure, I can get it up to about 90% and then it slowly goes down over time until I mist it again. I am using a dollar store hand pump squirt bottle. The top is covered with moist towels aside from a part for ventilation. She has a humid hide, and a dish that allows her to soak a bit past where her shell starts. The dish is near the heat lamp and is filled with warm water that she uses as she sees fit. I am using cypress for the substrate. I am in the process of preparing real plants for the enclosure. I also put her in a small see-through Rubbermaid tote filled with warm water that she soaks in for about 15 minutes. I put a lid on the tote so that the tote fogs up with the evaporating water. No, the tote is not air-tight and she is not in there long enough anyways.

I will get a humidifier or mister if I need to.

A couple of days ago, I discussed this with a local reptile professional who told me that I was taking the humidity issue too seriously and basically over-reacting. He said that as long as she has a humid hide she will be fine.

Now I am wondering what is right.

Thank you


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Sep 6, 2011
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Some will use just a humid hide. I on the other hand, feel its not enough. Not that I have a lot of experience and none with RF, but a humid hide did not work for my leopard, so I kept his whole enclosure humid. With what you are doing, sounds like enough to me. See what others say.
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