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Hundreds of baby sea turtles stole the show at a Florida beach's fireworks display


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Hundreds of baby sea turtles stole the show at a Florida beach's fireworks display

By Paul Murphy and Michelle Lou, CNN

Posted at 4:30 PM ET, Fri July 5, 2019

(CNN) — People at a Florida beach Thursday night expected a fireworks display, but they were met with an even better treat.
Some baby turtles decided to put on a show of their own at Fernandina Beach.
As beachgoers watched in awe, hundreds of sea turtle hatchlings proceeded into the ocean.
"I've lived in the area for 30 years and this was my very first time ever experiencing this," Becky Finsness told CNN.

"All I know (is) one minute I'm standing there enjoying some fireworks from beach goers, and then next minute this awesome act of nature started unfolding right in front of me."
As the turtles made their way into the water, beachgoers kept their distance to allow for the reptile's safe passage, Finsness said.
"It took me a second to realize what was actually happening," Finsness said.
"Other beach goers were standing around, and as my son put it, 'It was like the splitting of the Red Sea' ... everyone took a step back and allowed the baby sea turtles to make their way to the ocean."

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