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I am very confused on why my tortoise is not pooping

Buddy(or phoenix)

New Member
Jan 23, 2020
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Hey buddy is not pooping and I am soaking him at least 30 min every day because he is new and I take him outside every once in a while to have him get used to the surroundings

Lyn W

Well-Known Member
5 Year Member
Jul 22, 2014
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Hi and welcome to you and Buddy.
As Blackdog says more info is needed especially as Buddy is so small.
My tort will go longer in between poops in the winter maybe because he isn't as active as usual and activity helps the digestion. To encourage him when he is in his soak I gently shake the water tray and he doesn't like the vibrations and that seems to help move things along. However my tort is much older and bigger that Buddy.
Also be careful of putting him on carpets/mats because s/he could ingest fibres which may stick in the digestive system. I used to put my tort on a towel after his soak but he started trying to bite the fabric so that has had to stop.

Tony the Tort42

Active Member
Jan 7, 2020
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Southern California
Are you sure hes not pooping? They generally flush themselves while drinking. Zero is right, we need more info. Babies should be pooping regularly.