I spotted a roof rat about 50 ft outside burrow.


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Rats are the most disgusting things in the world. I can't stand them. I really don't understand how people can leave rats roaming around their houses. On one hand you have the filthiness and disease related issues with them, on the other hand you have an ugly sing running around that scares most of the ladies when they see them. Once we had a party and in a house full of people there were three rats having a walk and people freaking out. This is when I realized that I had to call some expert hands https://tulsa.aaacwildliferemoval.com/ to deal with them as I'm afraid of them a bit too.

Lyn W

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Rats have been a big problem in the UK this last year too.
It is thought that because of lockdown ,with all the usual food outlets being closed, that the rats are hungry so they are more visible that usual.
Many people were also using the 'stay at home' time to do a lot of garden clearing etc so possibly disturbed nests.
I caught one in a humane trap and took it to some woods to release it.
At least it could be a meal for a hungry bird of prey or fox.

You are never more than about 3 feet away from a rat though.

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I work with rats in my day job, but have had them eat baby tortoises on my farm. I don't like them ones on my farm. This year they are not eating tortoises, but eating tortoise eggs. The phuckers. I have put out a great deal of the green block rat poison, as far as I can tell it just subsidizing the food they steal from the tortoises. One somehow actuated a rat trap and when I did a necropsy, the whole insides were the bright green of the poison. They go the great lengths to avid traps, which seem to just make them find new paths to get around increasing their invasion. I have set water traps, but they don't care cause of all the water trays out for the tortoises. My cat just stares at places, I open that place up. no rat. They started chewing through he sheetrock between the garage and the house, so I placed traps at those locations, now they avoid their partial chew spots.

I'm pretty close to sorting out a hotel that I can have the tortoises in and fumigate the whole house. That will be several days of hell. I hate those phuckers.