Impprting Radiated Tortoise from UK to Ireland


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Dec 6, 2018
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Hello all!

First time poster, long time reader :D
I am currently considering purchasing an adult male Radiated from source in the UK. The animal is microchipped and has an article 10 CITES exemption certificate.

As far as housing the Tort he will have a 5m X 3m brick & wood glasshouse (well ventillated - I'm a cacti enthusiast!) with a paddock to the side approximately half the size and well secured. For the colder months he will have a fairly spacious indoor pen in the garage, with all the appropriate lighting.
While this will only be my second tortoise species, I have kept reptiles and invertebrates for quite some time and have done my research on this species' specific needs and I'm hoping to give him as enjoyable a life as possible.

My main hurdle is getting him across the pond from the UK to Ireland. I have never attempted to import any animal other than invertebrates. Any information or guidance here would be very, very much appreciated.


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Feb 18, 2014
As there currently is no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland can’t you just drive across? This is of course too obvious, so there must be some scrutiny that I’m not aware of.


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May 3, 2014
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Newport Beach CA
I have a 3 step method , got this idea after drank a dozen Guinness with my buddy .

Step 1: take the tort to Northen Ireland
Step 2: liberate Northen Irenlabd from UK and unite the island once again
Step 3: tort now in Ireland soil literally

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