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Jun 22, 2020
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New York, NY
Hi. We have a red-footed tortoise we would like to rehome. It hurts so much to do this. We have had Terry for about 9 years now. We got him as a baby at a Petco and the instruction we got from them was minimal. But we researched enclosures, food, light etc. and the beginning was fine. However, as he has gotten older and bigger it has gotten much harder because of the need for proper climate and space. We had thought about rehoming a few years ago but could not go through with it. With advice from the vet we have done everything to increase humidity, which is very hard to do in a NYC apartment. Now I think it is time because I feel he is losing out on a better quality of life. He is lumpy and he is so sweet and sociable. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good sanctuary for a red-footed tortoise.

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