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Aug 20, 2019
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Hi hoping you can help!
We bought an Indian Star tortoise in January this year.
The shop wasn’t sure of his age but said he was under 1. (Know he’s too young to be sexed but refer to him as a boy)
When we bought him he weighed 48 grams. He is now 62g.
Feeds well and is active. We keep his viv around 70 humidity and around 32 degrees during the day and 30 during the night with his light on for around 12 hours.
He is fed herbs grown in our garden along with dandelions and shop bought pepper, cucumber and greens.
We went on holiday recently and he was boarded at a reptile boarders and was told after he was concerned our tortoise was a little small.
Does this weight gain sound about right for 8 months of owning him or should I be concerned?
Thanks in advance.

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Jan 23, 2008
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I've never raised star tortoises, but we have a good care sheet. I think you need to read it in order to change your baby's diet. Sounds like you need some help with what to feed your baby:

The correct diet and keeping him in the correct conditions - heat, light, humidity, etc. - go a very long way in helping baby tortoises grow and be healthy.


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Jan 17, 2012
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It does sound a bit small, but it also does look like your tortoise had a dry start with initial pyramiding starting. The recent growth looks great - so you are doing a great job. I do find that when they have a dry start, they tend to grow much slower their first year or so. Because yours is growing and now up to 69g, it seems your tortoise will do well, but it may take a time to take off and grow faster.

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