Indian Star tortoise HELP!

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Jul 20, 2013
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Hello guys I am here new to this forum. I thank you for accepting me and my new tortoise and I come here in hope of knowledge.

Well... long story short. My mom found a turtle (not native to Colorado) I believe she is a Indian Star tortoise. I don't know much about tortoise, but seeing as how she was in bad in shape I took her in.
I am reading as much information about her as I can. I am a newb to tortoise so I don't know anything if you guys can direct me in the right direction that would help.

I am already looking at building her an indoor home. Can you guys link me to the thread? Here in Colorado USA it gets very cold sometimes and the winter is coming. I will then have to build her a summer home for the summer time.

According to some information I read, she will only grow max 12 inches. She is a female because she laid her first unfertilized egg the day after I got her. My mom found her and brought her home. She is in bad shape.

For example I can see calcium deficiency in her shell so I got some cuttle bone. She has some holes (small ones) in her shell where I think a predator tried to eat her (she was found in a field).

I am feeding her dried plants like dandelions and others plants that are high on fiber. Can some one please tell me what else I can feed her?

Please help I need a lot of help!

What does she eat? How do I avoid her from being too cold or too hot. I do have adequate lights for her and she is at a 85degree temp. What should I do right now since I don't have her indoor house build up?

Right now she has a basking area of 85degrees and a uvv strip light. She is in a 40gallon long and has food and water and a plant.

Please help and help I welcomed as I want to keep her and make her a good home. Thank you
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