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Aug 24, 2022
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Windows would be for ventilation in the summer. Seems like a gap at the roof would let all the heat out.


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Jul 16, 2014
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@ZEROPILOT what do you think about the above oil heater vs the CHE for a heat source?
I appreciate that you thought to ask me. But the truth is that even though I've kept Redfoot for several decades and I've observed and learned a lot, I have very little experience with heat or heaters for a tortoise. I've only used CHE in my outdoors houses. And before that I used Black incandescent bulbs. (And @Tom cured me of that a few years back)
When the temperature drops below about 55, I just carry however many tortoises I have into my attached "sunroom" and plug in an electric space heater just for the night. And they camp out in plastic totes on newspaper. I'm almost always able to place them back outside the next morning. Winters here in south Florida are very mild. Like it doesn't even happen some years.
The natural environment is so ideal that all but my tiniest hatchlings live and thrive outdoors with a very minimal amount of work or expense.
Food for them is also plentiful year round.
This and many other things make successful Redfoot keeping/breeding/etc so easy here. I feel that I get a lot of credit for being successful and knowledgeable about the species.
Well, location is a big factor in that.
Anyone who is successful in keeping this tropical species who doesn't live in a tropical environment or anyone that can keep an adult healthy and happy indoors is someone that needs to be admired.
I'm kind of cheating.
Most of my heating reccomendations are me repeating what I've read others with a lot more knowledge in this matter report.
I do not have any tortoises currently living indoors and my tortoises outdoors don't really NEED heating.
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Nov 22, 2021
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I just sent this today so you are quick on the reply.

Would this heater work? cut and past that into amazon search bar.

Dreo Space Heater, 2022 Upgraded for Bathroom and Indoor, Portable 1500W Ceramic Electric Heater, 40-95°F Digital Thermostat, 70°Oscillating, 5 Modes, Remote, 12h Timer, with ALCI Safety Plug​

You don't think the noise of this heater in the tight space would be irritating?

Thinking I would raise this heater off the ground if I do go with this.
Wow thats some heater. Im not sure about the noise factor maybe some of our more informed members can help us out on that one. The computer fan that I use is practically silent.Im not sure about using a ceramic heater with that high of a wattage in a small insulated area like a night box I would be afraid of it starting up and overheating by the time the thermostat kicks it off. I guess the only way to know is install it and check it with a heat gun before you put you tort out to use it. I have found out from trial and error that its hard to beat dog trainer Toms layout for nightboxes.