Is this a sulcata or desert tortoise?


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Jan 9, 2010
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The vet asked if I had a thermometer in the enclosure. He never discussed what those temps should be. I live a very solitary life so no one ever comes to my house other than family. So there would be no one to question what kind I have. He's always referred to as "the tortoise", not what kind of tortoise. I came to the conclussion it was a Sulcuta by pictures on this forum. However, when I saw the "nuchal scute" comments on this forum it made me wonder if he was a DT. Thats when I posted his picture and asked. So now i'm in a mess, not knowing what to do. He is remarkable! I've spent my winter building him a large enclosure, for this summer. I even have a place for me to sit out there with him cuz I love watching him! What to do, what to do.
What to do? Enjoy your awesome tortoise and enjoy watching him explore the new world you created for him.

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