ISO I am looking for hatchling or well started babies


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Jul 6, 2020
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Hi my name is Lizzy
I have a 3 year old boxie and a 1.5 year old RES
I want to expand my turtle collection
I already have a tank ready and have been searching online for a few weeks I was originally going to get a male gargoyle gecko for that tank but decided since I already have turtle experience and all the necessary things for them I decided I want another boxie
My tank for it is a 40 gal breeder I use paper towels as substrate clean tanks twice weekly making hides out of flower pots cut in half all tanks have a heating mat or light I take my turtles outside often for a few hours and during winter I use a uva uvb and this summer I am trying something new I am gonna try and build a 4 by 6 food enclosure for my turtles so they can have lots of time outside
My RES eats reptomin my boxie eats forest tortoise juvenile I breed my own mealworms and I feed veggies home grown in my garden
I would love to buy or adopt a boxy of these types
Three toed
My budget on the hatchling or well started baby is 200$ max
That includes shipping
I live in CO and I would like to have one shipped here in the next three months otherwise it won’t be safe for the turtle

jeff kushner

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Jul 24, 2020
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North of Annapolis
If there is no resident breeder on this forum, so I don't step on someones toes.... I would recommend Ha Ha ....have placed several orders over 15 years, always perfect, healthy, vibrant guys come out of there!