Italian tortoises (T. h. hermanni)- Calabria, Italy

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Sep 7, 2007
I have available several captive born and bred Italian tortoises (Testudo hermanni hermanni), also commonly known as Western Hermann's tortoises, from our Calabria, Italy group. They are flawless and registered in the North American Regional Studbook for T. h. hermanni.

Price is $650 each plus shipping and is firm.

These are from the only known-existing Calabrian animals in the USA today. I brought the adults in myself after extensive paperwork and approvals several years ago. Most of the adult group resides here while a few animals are with another keeper. This distinct locale is known for its small adult size with females rarely surpassing 5.5". A petite, round shape and of course outstanding contrast and color which is normally associated with T. h. hermanni are paramount with these specimens.

The adults that produced these offspring were genetically tested in 2015 and found to be of the purest form, so buyers can be assured they are receiving absolutely nothing less than the real thing. The genetic results also confirmed their placement in the described locale. The distinct locales of T. h. hermanni are different from one another not only by phenotypic traits but by DNA as well.

Below are photos showing examples of offspring as well as an adult female so you can see what they turn out to be. Also included are photos comparing an adult female to a common Eastern tortoise (Testudo hermanni boettgeri). The revisitation of elevating western and eastern to full species rank is certainly on the horizon and it doesn't take an "expert" to see that the two are night and day.

Please do not ask if the adults are for sale. They absolutely are not and there is nothing that would trade them for.

My wife and I are here for lifetime support and for any other info pertaining to Testudo hermanni hermanni, please visit our site dedicated to the understanding of them here:

Please no replies to this ad. Instead, PM me or send an e-mail to:

[email protected]

Terms and Conditions can be found at, it is the buyer's responsibility to read and understand them before making a purchase.

*Chelonians under 4" are not intended as pets but are sold for scientific, educational or exhibition purposes only.

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