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Jul 27, 2021
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Pittsboro, NC
Jay is a class act. I picked up a Cuora cycloranta from him, then on short notice had him add a flavomarginata for my daughter as her Christmas gift. He held them until shipping conditions were more appropriate. I got both a 20% discount, and free shipping due to his black friday sale.

Now, I have to keep my daughter out of the turtle room until christmas, because she knows what we have better than I do and will notice 1 extra among the three dozen turtles/tortoises without a doubt.


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Dec 18, 2023
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West Virginia
I just wanted to give a review after having purchased a hatchling Sulcata from Jay Frewer at Turtles and Tortoises just over a month ago.

First the experience communicating with Jay was excellent and his responses are extremely timely (he even responded on Christmas to my email because my ship date was the 26th).
Second, I had already been doing a lot of research and talked with several breeders on Morph Market but others either threw up a red flag or were too far for me to feel comfortable with shipping (I didn't feel right shipping an animal from the west coast due to my location) and Jay was super knowledgeable of the shipping process and packed everything perfectly and with a heat pack in the proper place.
Thirdly, this may not matter to everyone but I thought his prices for both the tortoise and shipping were very reasonable. Some folks on morph market wanted to charge more than the animal in shipping alone!
With in an hour of arrival Baby Salvatortie was eating and exploring his enclosure and hasn't stopped since!
He's growing like a weed at 96grams as of this morning.

I would definitely recommend doing business with Jay to anyone else. It was a great customer service experience.

Edit: he also included a couple sample bottles of repti-calcium in the order which was a nice surprise!

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