June deals from Kapidolo Farm's Tortoise pantry.

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Deal of the month for JUNE 2019: three 4 ounce bags variety pack, for $28.99, if you include raspberry I’ll make the bag 6 ounces. Still includes the one ounce of CaCO3, and a random sample. To get the same 3 four once bags for $26.99 Find and like Kapidolo Farms on MeWe https://mewe.com/ for the better variety pack deal. I've been a bit late getting this up, so this 'deal' runs to the end of July 2019.

I have been 'doing shows' and tortoise, uromastyx, and iguana owners seem intrigued with and buy the organic sourced diet items, total sales are up from the exposure at shows. Variety packs are popular, and now most things are available in one pound quantities. My bulk purchasing power now allows me to sell for less than the suppliers I work with on lower weight sales. If comparing be sure to include shipping in the delivered cost.

Due to the continual updating by Wordpress of their platform and my not being a IT person, all purchasers are asked to seek an invoice from me at [email protected]. You'll get a better price on any multi item request, I will take out redundant shipping costs. The WooCommerce platform does not seem to let me do this.

Variety pack #1, any 5 items (2 ounces each -10 ounces total) for $29.99 shipped, plus a 1 ounce bag of calcium carbonate. Indicate which items in your request.

Variety pack #2, any 3 items (4 ounces each -12 ounces total) normally $29.99 shipped (June deal though is $26.99), plus a 1 ounce bag of calcium carbonate. Indicate which items in your request.

Single items - 1 pound bag price / half pound bag price, shipped.
Alfalfa – pellets, 10.19
Alfalfa - loose leaf, $21.99 / $16.49
Cactus Chips – $28.99 / $18.99
Calendula - Flower petals- $26.49 / $18.99
Chamomile Flowers – whole flowers $23.99 / $17.99
Dandelion – loose leaf $18.99 / $15.99
Hibiscus – cut flowers, $19.99 / $14.99
Moringa – loose leaf, $25.99 / $18.99
Mulberry – loose leaf, $21.99 / $16.99
Nettle – loose leaf . $21.99 / $16.99
Oat straw (milky oats) - loose leaf, $21.99 / $16.49
Plantain – loose leaf, $24.99 / $17.99
Raspberry – loose leaf, $19.99 / $16.99
Red Clover – loose leaf, $23.99 / $17.99
Rose Flowers- Petals $24.99 / $16.99
Rose Hips – fruit $19.99 / $15.99

BTW, milky oats is oat grass harvested before it has made seed heads, it’s soft and pliable, not full of little sticks. It's the best 'grass' available for tortoise diets.

Another BTW, 1 pound of cactus chips is like ten pound that have not been dried. I challenge anyone to find ten pounds of cactus delivered for $28.99. I have large chips and smaller shreds, let me know which you prefer.

Email for invoice to [email protected] for most purchases. I still have not found a suitable person for updating the webpage. All prices include shipping.

With an invoice request at [email protected] – I will reduce the shipping costs as I can better utilize the envelope/box space.

ZM Grassland – pelleted natural food, $15.99, 2 pounds shipped. And now 4 pounds shipped for $21.99
ZM Forest – pelleted natural food, $15.99, 2 pounds shipped. And now 4 pounds shipped for $21.99
The four pound deal beats all others on price, the large bottle from ZooMed is 60 ounces, costs the same or more. At 64 ounces (a full four pounds) you get a 1/4 pound more than 60 ounces, and still get a better deal than for 60 ounce bottle delivered.

Calcium Carbonate* – limestone flour, $19.99, 2.5 pounds shipped.
Vermiculite* – incubation media, $13.99 1 cubic foot shipped.

*The Alfalfa pellets are from a USDA certified source for livestock. Both pelleted natural foods are not ‘organic’, but are non-GMO. The Calcium Carbonate is intended for food processing in the manufacture of USDA certified human foods, the vermiculite is from a USDA certified source.

Everything sold at Kapidolo Farms is used on the farm.

Show prices are better on everything at the Kapidolo Farms booth. Cash is better than credit cards at the show as well. I'll continue to post upcoming shows on the FaceBook page as well as the MeWe Page so we can meet.

*MeWe is an alternate social media platform to FaceBook. Facebook has decided to enforce their policy regarding animal sales, motivating much of the pet animal community to migrate to MeWe. I have concern that I may be randomly expelled from FaceBook.
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