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Jul 16, 2014
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They are bully's too. They don't realize how small they really are, and they bark and growl aggressively, and that front alone makes the enemy flee...
My Chihuahua that passed a few years ago, Chester. A male. Was absolutely ferocious. If he had been more than the 8 pounds he was, he would've needed to be put down! He was also very intelligent.
Suki is sweet.
She barks, then she just wants to play.
She's not so smart.
But more enjoyable and easier to find a pet sitter for.


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Jun 30, 2018
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I always show photos of Simon because he's very imposing, a beautiful cat. But I had adopted a senior cat a month before I ended up with Simon. Smokey is 12 years old. I went to the humane society looking for a kitten, I was walking slowly looking in cages, and in the corner of the tallest cages in the back was this blue cat whose coat was so shiny it shone sunbeams...lol...I felt like I was punched in the stomach...I was not looking for a senior cat, but, he wouldn't be available for a week. So I went everyday to spend time with him. He was pretty standoffish at first. But I could tell he was willing but afraid. So I took him out of the cage and sat on the floor just talking to him. When I settled down, he turned around to face me, I was murmuring words to him, first he touched my cheek with his paw, then he stared at me for a bit, reached up and lightly touched my nose with his teeth. SOLD! and to this day he is the most physically affectionate cat I have had in my 75 years.
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Apr 26, 2012
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It's a sad story. He gave me a reason to live when I was trying desperately to die. Quite simply, I would have killed myself if it weren't for him. He's also the reason I learned how to walk again. I was in a wheel chair, every doctor I saw said I would never be able to walk again and I just needed to accept that, along with a lot of other awful things, like just taking so many pain meds that I couldn't have a coherent conversation. But then my mom convinced me that I needed a dog. And my dog needed to go for walks. So I started taking him out in my chair, then eventually I started taking a few steps. Then a few more. It took a long time to relearn something that I felt should have been easy, because it definitely wasn't easy. A LOT of physical and occupational therapy. But he was there the whole time.

On a lighter note....One day, when I was still pretty fresh on my legs (hell, I just fell down last week, so my legs still don't work right), I was taking him around the block and a big pit bull got out of his yard. The dog came straight at JC and JC hid his little 8lb body behind momma. Well momma went down the moment that dog bumped her. JC switched from scared baby to viscous defender in an instant. That poor pit bull...He just wanted to play! As soon as he saw JC snarling like that, he tucked tail and ran. My little life saver.

He showed me how to love again. I would never have the life I have now if my mom hadn't insisted that we get a dog.
It's NOT a "sad story," it's a WONDERFUL story!!!!!!!! SO glad you and JC have each other!

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