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Kapidolo Farms April 2021 deals

Two new variety packs and a break on the "double your" variety packs.

SUPER SOAKERS: Four ounces each of Hibiscus, Rose Hips, Rooibos, and Honey Bush - PLUS a pound of chicken layer pellets. $36.99 for the pound of four different soakers and pellets. In May I will not send the pellets with this variety pack, or increase the price and make an option for the crumbles OR a ZooMed tortoise food. lets see how it goes with sales and/or feedback.

I will only distribute the pellets with this offer, I have no plan to sell them as a stand alone product, I'll keep offering layer crumbles. The old soakers variety pack may get retired in May.

REDFOOTS: Four ounces each of Rose Hips, Graviola(Soursop), MarshMallow, Raspberry, and Rose petals TBC. This is a total of 20 ounces (four ounces of five items) that will eventually list at $44.99, but will sell for $39.99 for April.

DOUBLE YOUR ... If you did not already know, many variety packs have a 'double your' option, you get twice as much for less than twice the price. Variety packs are between $32 and $35 each, the double options are $49.99. The doubles will be on sale for April at $46.99 each.

The new Variety Packs that debut in April will start at a sale price and may/will go up at the end of the month.

Click on the green highlighted items to see the nutrient content, an analysis paid for by Kapidolo Farms and posted on www.tortoiseforum.org . The Layer Crumbles blog compares 'old' Mazuir with layer crumbles. How to use soakers is another blog.

Remember, next Friday 9 April 2021 I'll be doing a zoom talk hosted by the California Turtle and Tortoise society. See HERE for details.
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