Kapidolo Farms Black Friday sillyness.

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From when you read this until Sunday evening 28 November 2021 (midnight) PST any one pound bag of any organic leaf or flower purchased and you can ask for a 2 ounce of any other organic leaf or flower. Here's the part that may be difficult for some of you. Tell me what 2 ounce portion you want in the check out instructions to vendor. That may be via my webpage, or PayPal, etc. Txt, IM, phone calls and email will not result in the free small bag. You'll have too many identities among the venues for a simple tortoise farmer to connect those communications.

Every whole pound ordered gets a two ounce sample. If you go for the Big Box amounts of 5 pounds, well, then still just one two ounce sample per five pound box.

At shows where I sell two ounce bags, they cost $6.00 each, so if you're wondering, that's the value.

"Tell you all what. Let's make this deal through to the end of 2021. Any ORGANIC sourced leaf or flower, one pound size, ask for a 2 ounce bag of your choice of leaf or flower."​

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