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Nov 7, 2012
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Hey All, I added the new items to the build your own variety packs and gel kit. So now you can add soursop, marshmallow, and cactus flour.

Cactus flour was a complete hit at the Phoenix reptile expo, people were buying two or three pounds without ever seeing it before. I added a 40oz (2.5 pounds) option on the online store and it will be on sale until 31 December 2020 for the 40 oz size. $31.99 now $41.99 01-01-21.

Right now the build your own variety pack - 3 items at four ounces each includes a fourth choice, 2 ounces free bonus. That's the 'cyber sale'. I realize that does not sound so spectacular as 50% off giant flat screen TV's - I sell an increasingly hard to get range of products that are below competitor prices already. Two free ounces is a good deal.

Both 'build your own' Variety packs - 5 x 2 ounces and 3 x 4 ounces show sale prices, even though it's the old regular price, that's so you'all take note that those prices along with all the other variety packs will be adjusted 01-01-2021. Most adjusted up, a few adjusted down - the one price fits all will go away.

If you have Chersina angulata, please let me know - I'll send a free sample of green (non-fermented) organic sourced Rooibos tea. Basically dried rooibos. This is TFO people only - who have posted about their tortoises in that sub-forum. Send me a PM with shipping details.
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