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Nov 7, 2012
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I don't have it yet, a deal I hoped to open the month with. Many distracting influences in the world and productivity of organic plants is impacted. I am expecting a large quantity of organic mulberry soon (I still have BackYard Harvest), and also organic Ginkgo. The deal once they arrive will be a three tree leaf combo "Trois Arbre". I will run it as a variety pack of four ounces each at a lower variety pack cost, or larger amount, one pound each at a discount from buying these items separately. I have to wait and see what I can stuff in the mailer box.

Tree leaves, that are tortoise worthy, all have a great C: P ratio and high fiber. I'll post about Ginkgo in the thread https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/w...ry-and-garden-published-nutrient-list.161833/ later today. It is often difficult to find the simple macro nutrients in less common foods, all the folks doing analysis want to document all the 'sexy' chemicals and compounds that are the super nutrients. Luckily there are grad students etc. that will do the mundane.

BTW, I put an anyone anytime coupon on the web page 12over100 so you can get 12% off of purchases over $100, don't worry about remembering it, it's right there on the webpage. Many folks have stumbled upon it and gotten that discount. This will be an "All the Time" discount.

28 Watt radiant heat panels will be back in stock soon as well. Production delays have become frequent, but it's not a normal. I have been getting order out same day or next day with nearly 95% of all orders, delays are based on Cactus Chip production. Buying has come to match me best productivity there, time to buy another 30 tray dehydrtaor.
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