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Any variety pack that include 2 ounces of Moringa, will get four ounces. Gel Kits not included. If you choose a 'double', then it's already more for less, so not included.

If you wanted to use the build your own and choose two ounces of Moringa twice or more, I'll double each 2 ounces. That limits out at 5 x 2 ounces -10 ounces, now 20 ounces. By my offer a 'build your own' variety pack and choosing moringa 5 times you'll get 20 ounces at $32.99 ($1.64/ounce), while a pound is $20.99 ($1.31/ounce). It's not a better deal for you to choose Moringa 5 times in the build your own.

Radiant Heat Panels are back in stock!

I'm all caught up with Cactus Chips, so go ahead and bury me with more Cactus Chips purchases.

I'll be doing the Show at the San Diego Fairgrounds in Del Mar, a three day show Fri/Sat/sun 26/27/28 March run by Reptilian Nation.

I'll be doing the show In Mesa AZ Sat/Sun 17/18 April run By Phoenix Reptile Expo.

Tell me you know me from TFO at one of these shows, and I'll give you two ounces of something, probably my choice, maybe not?? Remind me I said this LOL
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