Kapidolo Farms Pet Pantry, September deal & show attendance.

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September deal of the month, any single total purchase over $40, and I'll include a four ounce 'loose item' of your choice.

Variety pack #1
, any 5 items (2 ounces each -10 ounces total) for $29.99 shipped, plus a 1 ounce bag of calcium carbonate. Indicate which items in your request.

Variety pack #2, any 3 items (4 ounces each -12 ounces total) normally $29.99 shipped, plus a 1 ounce bag of calcium carbonate. Indicate which items in your request.

Single items - 1 pound bag price / half pound bag price, shipped.
Alfalfa – pellets, 10.19
Alfalfa - loose leaf, $21.99 / $16.49
Cactus Chips – $28.99 / $18.99
Calendula - Flower petals- $26.49 / $18.99
Chamomile Flowers – whole flowers $23.99 / $17.99
Dandelion – loose leaf $18.99 / $15.99
Hibiscus – cut flowers, $19.99 / $14.99
Moringa – loose leaf, $25.99 / $18.99
Mulberry – loose leaf, $20.99 / $15.99 backyard harvest right now on this item.
Nettle – loose leaf . $21.99 / $16.99
Oat straw (milky oats) - loose leaf, $21.99 / $16.49
Plantain – loose leaf, $24.99 / $17.99
Raspberry – loose leaf, $19.99 / $16.99
Red Clover – loose leaf, $23.99 / $17.99
Rose Flowers- Petals $24.99 / $16.99
Rose Hips – fruit $19.99 / $15.99

BTW, milky oats is oat grass harvested before it has made seed heads, it’s soft and pliable, not full of little sticks. It's the best 'grass' available for tortoise diets.

Another BTW, 1 pound of cactus chips is like ten pound that have not been dried. I challenge anyone to find ten pounds of cactus delivered for $28.99. I have large chips and smaller shreds, let me know which you prefer.

Email for invoice to [email protected] for most purchases.

With an invoice request at [email protected] – I will reduce the shipping costs as I can better utilize the envelope/box space.

ZM Grassland – pelleted natural food, $15.99, 2 pounds shipped. And 4 pounds shipped for $21.99
ZM Forest – pelleted natural food, $15.99, 2 pounds shipped. And 4 pounds shipped for $21.99
The four pound deal beats all others on price, the large bottle from ZooMed is 60 ounces, costs the same or more. At 64 ounces (a full four pounds) you get a 1/4 pound more than 60 ounces, and still get a better deal than for 60 ounce bottle delivered.

Calcium Carbonate* – limestone flour, $19.99, 2.5 pounds shipped.
Vermiculite* – incubation media, $13.99 1 cubic foot shipped.

Costs at shows are much lower as the USPS is not getting a part of the price.

The next show will be The Reptilian Nation reptile show at the DelMar Fairground in San Diego 21&22 September 2019 https://reptiliannationexpo.com/general-info-4


the Sacramento Reptile show 27 & 28 September 2019 at the Cal State Expo center (no longer downtown Sacto) https://sacreptileshow.com . Come meet @Markw84 Mark Wilson, the maker of what I call Mark's Excellent Enclosures.

At Shows I also have other items not really worth shipping, Vivarium Electronics radiant heat panels, 28 and 40 watt, the best safest heat for your tortoise, 3 cubic foot bags of Cypress Mulch, and you can purchase one of Mark's enclosures. I'll have only one at the Del Mar Show, but there will be many available at the Sacto show.

Tell me you know me from TFO and I'll take your single show entry fee off any tortoise purchase.
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