Kid's Playhouse as night box / enclosure


Jan 26, 2014
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Sheffield, UK
Hi all, I recently saw this wooden kids' playhouse at Toys R Us, and thought about the possibility of using it for my marginated tortoise...

Douglas is only 1 year old, and about 3 inches long. He is currently indoor in a good sized tortoise table, but we could do with the extra space in our house, and wanted to get Douglas outside for next spring.

Would something like this be suitable as a permanent outdoor enclosure? I was thinking initially to have it set-up as his table is now, with a mercury vapour lamp, substrate and all the decorations. It seems like it would be pretty secure, weather-proof and maybe it could be insulated to retain heat?

This could then turn into his night box once a permanent, full-sized outdoor enclosure was built.

Anyone have any thoughts on this, whether it's a good/bad idea?



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Apr 10, 2011
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Apple Valley, California
Yes, I bet this could work...with some modifications and insulation....I believe where you live out gets cold for long I believe you would need to seal the seams and also fix up the windows so that all heat does not escape there during the cold times....