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Laying eggs IN the pond


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5 Year Member
May 9, 2013
I have 4 awesome adult red eared sliders in my 3,000 pond. I got them from a guy who rescued them from an abandoned pond which was completely drained so the turtles were put of water for a while. He rescued about 20 or so turtles.
Anyway, they seem very happy in the pond and have freedom to roam the whole backyard. They are so fun to watch and always come to me for food. I feed them every 3 days.
I’ve seen some of them digging and laying eggs in different parts of the yard.
The other day I found an egg in the skimmer basket. It was smashed already. I also found some broken egg shells in my sieve which was from the bottom drain.
Probably one of them laid her eggs inside the pond. Anyone experience this?