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Oct 29, 2011
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RE: [split] Leopard Tortoise- new to the forum

DvotedMOMMY said:
Zamric said:
Thank You Very Much! My wife raised WalkingRock from day 2 of hatching and did a great job for the 1st 6 years... now he's to big for her to do more than just feed him. I have really enjoyed building for him and creating a "Tortoise Friendly" yard with all his favorite grasses!

As for the 2 little Leopards.... Eros (the smaller, darker one) was hatched on New Years Eve making him about 8 weeks old and Gaia is roughly 7 months olds. Since they are still so young, thier shells are still smooth... I'm working on keeping it that way but only time will tell!:)

Oh wow! Well you guys are doing an AMAZING job with them!

Your oldest Leopard is 7 months?! It looks so much younger! The shell coloring, and yes, the smoothness, made me assume it was younger. I've seen Leo's a few months old, maybe 5 months, already get that patchy white lining. Yours still has the smooth dark lines. I love the colors/patterning of the scute on your babies! Absolutely beautiful!
So what's your best suggestions for a nice smooth shell? Humidity, hydration, and frequent misting??

Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcomes! ;)

You guys are awesome! :D

I've only had them since the weekend before Valentines day, but I am raising them in a High Heat/High Humidity enviroment (+80*f/+80% humidity), not so much misting except to moisten the ground moss. I got Gaia (the larger one) From Rebecca(BrinnandGupta) but she had only had him for a little less than a month before rehoming her to me... I don't know how she was kept for her first 5 or 6 months but both Rebecca and myself thought she was small for her presumed age. (Breeder told Rebecca she was 6 months old)

I also am a firm beliver in Vita-Shell ointment. WalkingRock used it from the day Cathie got him and he was not raised with High Humidity or High Temp. but he never showed signs of pyramiding like most others his age and size.


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Feb 27, 2012
Sorry I haven't updated sooner, I thought it'd take a lot of time, but little did I know, you guys have an iPhone app!! I LOVE it! Super each to use! :)

We received our little leo in perfect health, and we absolutely LOVE, and adore him/her! I couldn't be more happier with any other pet!

Here are some photos, I have like 50, lol, but here ate some of my favorites. :)

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the help, especial J Isaac Lightner, and Jacqui Gibson! :)

Hmm, don't know if my photos posted.. Lol

Jacqui said:

Hi, Jacqui! LOL! I didnt receive these last few replies for some reason, sorry i missed it!

I guess I had to individually insert the pics! Sorry, this is a new app.. Had to figure it out myself, haha

Let's see if I got it now! :D haha

My FAV shot! :)
View attachment 17614

View attachment 17620

chilling in her Log hide :)

View attachment 17621

When she first arrived, she was VERY thirsty!
View attachment 17616

View attachment 17618

Having a Soak! :)
View attachment 17619

This is her finished Home! :D
(well, I flipped the blue image border over to the green plant side after this pic, because that's her favorite corner! ;)
View attachment 17621

Sorry, for the jumbled post with photos, I didnt know how it would come out from my iphone app. I just tried to go in and edit immediately afterwards on my laptop, but it for some reason said I cannot edit it after 30 minutes! haha.. Its only been about 1.. :D

One more pic!

This is her finished Condo! -hahaha
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