Limited eating and barely active Russian

Oct 11, 2017
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New York
Very beautiful cb rt you have, always nice to see a cb over an import. I had a Hermann with simular symptoms, almost no apetite, almost no activity, and rare very wet/dierriah poop. My vet diagnosed internal parasites without a fecal test because it simply wasn't possible to collect a sample. Sure enough week 3 of 4 of the treatment my 6 inch Herman pooped out a nearly 4 inch long worm during his daily bath. A few weeks later he was in tip top shape. Possible your little one picked something up in the garden, or from home grown food.

Dont think its bacterial based because you havent mentioned any labored breathing or oculare/nasul discharge. Speaking of bacteria, it's hard to tell from the pictures but in the picture of the hide it seems the back wall is stained. If your enclosure isn't sealed and is just bare wood, the wet substrate will cause the wood to eventually mold/rot and harbor harmful bacteria.

Only other idea i can think of is the same as the others, impaction or blockage from substrate. Hope your little one feels better soon! Also, just a side thought, you might have a undeveloped male. Cloaca looks more like a slit to me (male) then a star (female).


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Jun 17, 2018
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Yikes! Worms sound so horrific. It’s possible that could be it though! So I’d need another vet visit basically.

And definitely don’t think it’s bacterial no. She’s totally fine looking just not active or hungry ha.

And we got the table from pet and tortoise world. So I think it’s treated to be water proof etc. The stain is just wet substrate from when we were adding it to the table I think.

And yeah. Will change the substrate and keep bathing her to see if that helps with any blockages.

And I think she’s a boy too cause she tucks her tail in a lot. But the vet seemed to think she was still she because her tail isn’t super thick etc. Who knows! We’ll probs still call her a girl anyway

Thanks for the help :)