Live Turtle and Tortoise Show THIS Sunday Aug. 18th

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Nov 18, 2011
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Hi Everyone...I know you may be tired of hearing from me but this is the
last time I will be putting this announcement out. :)
Just wanted to remind everyone of the Live Turtle and Tortoise Show THIS
Sunday Aug. 18th from 10 to 3 at the La Habra Community Center located at
101 West La Habra Blvd. in the City of La Habra. (In Southern
Calif....Orange County.)
We have a totally full house with all kinds of exhibitors along with
vendors this year as well. There will be the worlds largest land Tortoise
species - The Galapagos Tortoise and Aldabra to the worlds smallest
specie...The Egyptian tortoise!
Add to that all the educational displays and exhibits....Awesome Raffle
prizes galore, Vendors with hand crafted turtle items, turtle
boutique, plant vendors with both exotic and tort friendly plants. If you
get hot and thirsty? There will be ice cold drinks for sale. For the
hungry ones? We will be selling fresh barbecued hot dogs. There's baked
goodies for that sweet tooth too... For the kids there is a kids corner
where they can do crafts or take them home to do.
Come enjoy the nice cool center and chat with our members to find out about
our shelled friends. There will be the common to the exotics on exhibit to
some that may seem a bit strange?
This event is for the whole family to enjoy! Adults - $3.00 Seniors -
$2.00 Kids up to 12 are free. Handicap in wheelchairs are also free along
with Free parking.
Have a desert tortoise? Bring a pic and get it registered. No fee...
Need a vet? We have a list of reputable vets that deal specifically with
We can provide you with a list of web forums to connect with for species
specific information if you like?
Please....won't you pass this on through your Facebook/social media,
friends, family, groups/clubs etc... you may belong to?
Help spread the word about this wonderful hobby!! Great for those allergic
to fur or feathers....
This show is our chapters only Fund Raising Event for the entire year. The
CTTC is a non-profit organization and therefore your donations are tax
deductible and greatly appreciated!
The proceeds from this show will be used to help with the 100's of turtles
and tortoises we rescue each year, vet care, educational events and our
monthly meetings. We operate strictly on your generous donations and this
show will greatly help us with our endeavors to continue to help our
shelled rescues.
We look forward to seeing you THIS Sunday!
Take care and thank you for your support...
O.C. Chapter site...
Main website...
"The Turtlenutz"....Tom and Sharon

Thanks for the reminder Sharon, wish for this weekend I were south.

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Oct 1, 2012
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Woo hoo! Thanks for spreading the word!
I'll be there with the Leopards. Stop by and introduce yourself TFOers ;)

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Nov 18, 2011
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Suburban-life in Salem, Oregon
Hi Everyone.....This past Sunday as many of you may know the Orange County
Chapter of the Calif. Turtle and Tortoise Club had a Live Turtle & Tortoise
We want to Thank each of you who had a part in the success of this
show...whether you exhibited, volunteered, came to the show? Sent the info
to family, friends, members of groups/clubs you belong to or ??
The show was a phenomenal success!! We counted 1818 people coming through
the doors of the center in just 5 hours!!
This did however caused an unforeseen problem. We were proud to advertise
we were wheelchair friendly. Last year we were and also stroller friendly
as well. However...within the first hour we no longer were as over 380
people had went through the doors. We are Very Sorry for this unforeseen
problem and is top priority to correct next year!
Everyone had a great time and there was never a dull moment. We have lots
to work with for next years show on Sunday Aug. 17, 2014. YES....we have
the date already set!
Again...Thank you so very much for your support of this event in whatever
way you were able to help.
Do you have suggestions? Comments? Or something you would like to say to
help us with next years show? Please feel free to contact us and let us
If we don't hear the good and the bad....we don't know what to work on.
Our shelled ones thank you as well and appreciate your support!
Take care everyone,

"The Turtlenutz"....Tom and Sharon
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In Loving Memory of Walter Allen...Casa de Tortuga, Fountain Valley,
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