Looking for advice on my new tort community :)



Hello guys,
I am excited about expanding my current enclosure for eastern Hermann's torts where I kept a pair, male and female for a year(I wanted to have them for a long time, I got them last year for my birthday). Currently they have about 6m2(65 sq ft) in the garden, the new habitat is planned to be around 95m2(1k sq ft). I realise it will be quite huge for this species, but I want to make an extra effort accommodating them in new area and make them happy, as I hope to hatch some eggs in the future :)

So my current plan is bringing some more torts into the pen, I'm thinking another male and two females - the new ratio would be 2M 3F. There will be a lot of hiding spots, one sun-heated house and one cave.

However, I am having second thoughts about the composition of the population. On the one hand males could indeed be aggresive towards each other, but in the other hand I read somewhere the breeding is more succesful when males have to compete for females. They would also have quite large enclosure so any aggression could be met with maintaining distance. Do you think this ratio is good, or would you change it somehow? Would maybe be a good idea to add some more females? What do you think?