Looking to adopt female Sulcata's


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Nov 23, 2018
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Makati, Philippines
Hello, I am looking for adult or sub-adult female Sulcata's to adopt for my 2 males. They are both around 15 years old and are housed in a large enclosure in our farm.
Is there anyone in the Philippines (Manila) who have female Sulcata's?
I've asked around but most offer 6 month or younger tortoises. I don't mind, but at this age, I don't think you can be sure if the individual is a female or male.
I am also looking for a sub-adult male aldabra for my female aldabra. She is also around 15 yrs old.
Thank you in advance for any help.


Dec 8, 2018
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Hales Corners, WI
I noticed in your previous post you wanted to adopt a female for your 2 male sulcatas.

I just want to say that the idea of putting one female in with two males isn’t a safe one. They will kill her (trying to constantly breed her) and then they will likely kill each other, fighting over her.

Sulcatas males don’t need friends! They don’t get together to “hang out” and socialize in the wild.

If you’re looking to breed, ask Tom (here on this forum) about that....
He’s got a great post on what it means to breed these.
Unfortunately, the sulcata is already overbred and there will be so, so many in rescues bc people rarely know what they are getting themselves into!
Even if a person lives in a year-round warm climate, it’s still very costly to feed and properly care for them. There aren’t enough homes to take in the population that is currently in circulation....so this whole mass breeding thing is a serious concern.