Looking to adopt small & medium scale tort's

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Sep 21, 2011
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Brew City Wisconsin
Hello Im looking to add a little more love to my life.
Im looking to adopt some more tortoise's
Im currently the owner & caretaker of 2 male clutch mates beautiful greek's.
So i am looking to expand Im preferably looking for more greek's
Preferably Females so my boy's can have girl friend's :)

But i am also open to the new experiance of being the owner or caretaker of a diffrent species.

Please no Large scale tort's !
( I cant lift them i have fusion's in my back )

Small and Medium scale only.

I have a whole room in my basement dedicated to my love and care of tort's
I currently have vacant space in this room. One 90gal & two 40gal breeder tank's all set up and ready for new love's

So please show my what you have :)

Also are you willing to ship them ?
I am willing to pay for the cost of shipping.

Thank you ! :tort:
Not open for further replies.