Looking to adopt small Tortoise in need of new home


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Sep 25, 2019
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Newark, DE
I am looking for the opportunity to adopt a tortoise in need. I have all the knowledge needed to raise one as well as the equipment. I raised and loved a Redfoot hatchling, but sadly he arrived sick and I was unable to save him. I can't put myself through the buying process again, rather I would want to adopt/rescue in honor of my poor baby hatchling. I invested in many different accessories for my little tortoise, and would love to be able to see them used with another.
This is why I would prefer a baby/young/small tortoise to adopt. I am very invested in the correct care of these beautiful creatures and would love the opportunity to replace some grieving memories with happy ones.
Located in Newark DE and State College, PA, willing to travel several hours, I prefer not to ship them as it can be very stressful on them.
Thank you.


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Jul 16, 2014
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Be careful with the combination of "tortoise in need" and "baby".
Sick baby tortoises generally do not survive.
Don't set yourself up for another heartbreak by getting an unhealthy tortoise at any price.
Cheaper is often not cheap.
See if you can find a yearling. They are still small and usually more robust and sturdy.
Make sure it is eating and walking well without dragging his shell or any legs. With wide open, shiny eyes.

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