Male Greek Tortoise

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May 6, 2012
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I've had him for almost ten years, but I recently moved into a house with my kid asthmatic autistic brother-in-law, and my asthmatic sister-in-law, and I can't keep him here anymore. He is a wonderful tortoise, he is super active and friendly, he'll eat right out of your hands. He has been to a vet but not recently, though I've never had any cause to take him to a vet since then. He comes with everything you'll need to take care of him for a while--minus new substrate.

50 gallon glass aquarium with metal screen lid and metal lid locks, under tank heater, large hanging dome light with mercury vapor lightbulb, large soaking water dish, large food dish, large tortoise hide hut inside the tank, pump-action spray bottle for added humidity, humidity/temperature gauge inside tank, and auto-shut-off timer for your convince in turning on and shutting off his heat lamp. He still has two bars of coconut fiber you can have too, as well as his Miner-al calcium powder for his food. There is a small wooden outdoor tortoise hut I have for him as well that you may have.

I'm asking $300 for everything, but willing to negotiate with the right party. I would like to see him go to someone who is really invested in tortoises or at least has a child who is really into reptiles, like I was.

I would be willing to take $100 for the tortoise himself if that's all you'd like.

Please feel free to email or text for extra pictures or information.

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