Mazuri pellet food or zoomed grassland tortoise food?


Mar 22, 2019
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Surprise Arizona
I can’t decide which one to buy to feed my sulcata which is about 5 months old

Which is best?

How often should I feed them the product

Is there such thing as too much of the product which could lead to something bad in growth etc?

Professor Brenda

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May 1, 2019
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Pflugerville, Texas
From others on this forum I have gotten the recommendation of Mazuri reptile diet formula 5M21. Most of the sulcata's diet should be grasses. See the diet recommendations pinned to the sulcata forum page. I can't answer your other questions. My sully is much older. I did not have a little one.


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Jan 9, 2010
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They do two different things. Both are good and both have their uses.

I prefer to use the Mazuri like another food item. I feed it as a meal once or twice a week. This is handy for people in cold climates with frozen winters where there is no food to be found outside, or for people like us in hot climates when most of the weeds die off in summer and the new weeds don't start growing again until the winter rains return. I feed a lot of grass hay and cactus pads all summer long, along with grape leaves and mulberry leaves, but in fall when the cactus, mulberry and grape leaves all die off and stop growing, I've got nothing to feed my tortoises until the weeds come back after the rain starts. Mazuri helps get me through.

The ZooMed stuff is great to soak and mix in with grocery store greens to add fiber and variety. It usually takes a tortoise a little while to get used to eating the Zoomed stuff. Most tortoises the to the Mazuri pretty quickly, although you occasionally find one that doesn't seem to care for it much.

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